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CV. Kei Samudera Utama

CV. Kei Samudera Utama is a company engaged in the electrical mechanical field or commonly known as ME. KEI Company is domiciled in Bekasi, precisely on Jl. Bungur 9, No. 93, Jakasampurna, Bekasi Barat Bekasi Bekasi. KEI provides solutions from products to ordering services to maintaining ME. ME products that are distributed include cheap transformers, electrical cubicles, electrical panels (TM, TR, SDP, LVMDP), UPS, MCB, Arrester, and many more. KEI also provides installation and maintenance services for the products that KEI sells. One example is installing transformers, installing electrical cubicles, installing panels, installing UPS. For maintenance services such as transformer oil treatment, transformer testing, cleaning medium voltage (TM) panels, changing transformer oil, adding transformer oil, maintaining transformers, maintaining electric cubicles, etc. Every product that KEI sells is guaranteed to be of good quality, new, and has gone through testing. So you don't have to worry about buying transformers, electric cubicles, electrical panels, or other items at CV. Kei Samudera Utama. We are always committed to not selling counterfeit, reconditioned, non-functional, etc. In installation, repair, and testing services, human resources (HR) are highly experienced and certified. So you don't have to worry about the installation, testing, and repairs that we do. Because the human resources we have are employees or under the auspices of CV. Kei Samudera Utama, the price of our services is definitely very competitive with other competitors.