Transformer Purification

Transformer Purification Services

Transformer Purification Services

Our transformer oil purification systems are designed to completely remove gases, dehydration and filters to quickly restore the dielectric strength of transformer oil and insulating oil in load tap changers, switch gears and oil-filled circuit breakers.They are available in various configurations

Transformer Purification

CV. Kei Samudera Utama besides selling various brands of transformers such as Trafindo, Bambang Djaya, Centrado, we also accept Transformer Purification Services. Our transformer purification machine adopts the latest and advanced oil filtration, oil dehydration, oil degassing and oil regeneration technology, using world famous brand components to build oil filtration machine. CV. Kei Samudera Utama uses a powerful vacuum system that can dry the oil thoroughly, remove traces and dissolved water from the oil, and take a multi-stage filter to remove particles from the oil completely.

We use high efficient automatic heater with low density to heat the oil quickly, gently and thermostatically, also make a safe electrical control system with intelligent PLC programming and protective equipment, which can detect and control the machine working smoothly and safely. Our oil filtration machine has lifetime reliable performance and stable function. Our oil purifier is the ideal plant for on-site oil filtration and oil cleaning maintenance, and the necessary equipment to extend engine life.

Advantages of Using Transformer Purification Services

In the following we have listed some advantages for transformer purification:

- Improved insulation properties of oil and other media such as paper/cellulose insulation

- Longer transformer life and less damage

- Longer transformer asset life, good return on asset investment

- Less breakdown and transformer failure resulting in uninterrupted power supply

The transformer is one of the main assets in the electric power industry that needs to be maintained so that the power transmission is guaranteed to be uninterrupted to get guaranteed income benefits. Transformer oil is important for functional transformers and is a dielectric that helps maintain its temperature. Transformer oil is essential for the correct operation and function of the transformer. If you need transformer purification services, is the right place. Contact us immediately for your transformer maintenance needs.