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  • Jasa Pemasangan Tabung Conservator dan Silica Gel
  • Jasa Pemasangan Tabung Conservator dan Silica Gel
  • Jasa Pemasangan Tabung Conservator dan Silica Gel

Services Description Conservator Tube and Silica Gel Installation Services

Like living things that animate, transformers also have a respiratory phenomenon.Due to the influence of the ups and downs of the transformer load and the air temperature from outside, the temperature of the oil will vary according to the situation. When the temperature of the oil is high, the oil will expand and push the air above the surface of the oil out of the tank, but if the temperature of the oil drops, the oil will shrink and the air from outside will enter the tank.
This is called transformer breathing.This air contains moisture (water molecules in the air) so that it can affect the performance of the transformer, because humidity can change the electrical strength of the oil.This Blue Silica Gel functions so that the transformer can work properly, absorbing the water molecules.Our team is experienced in installing conservator tubes and blue silica gel.
Our team can be trusted in the procurement.Associated with electricity is a job that is not easy because it contains risks.
But our team will continue to provide maximum real work without ignoring the risk, because this is our field of work and we love our work.
Giving satisfaction to customers is our happiness. Thank you.

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