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UPS 3 KVA / 24KW
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Sell UPS 3 KVA / 24KW

Specification of UPS 3 KVA / 24KW

Size: 3 KVA / 3000VA: 0.9 = 24KW
The UPS is an electrical device that is used as a
devices that usually use backup batteries as an alternative power supply, to be able to provide uninterrupted power supplies for installed electronic devices.
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UPS functions are as follows:
1. Can provide temporary electrical energy when there is a main power failure (PLN).
2. Giving us enough opportunity to immediately turn on the generator as a replacement for PLN.
3. Give us enough time to immediately back up data and secure the Operating System (OS) by doing a shutdown according to the procedure when the main electricity (PLN) goes out.
4. Securing a computer system from electrical disturbances that can interfere with a computer system in the form of software damage, data or hardware damage. The UPS can automatically perform voltage stabilization when there is a change in the voltage at the input so that the output voltage used by the computer system is stable.

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